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Shutting off graphical ssh agent popup?

I'm running Lenny with Gnome on my ThinkPad. Previously, and
on all my other machines, when I launch an ssh command from
the command line, I would get an ssh password request on the
command line like

  Enter passphrase for key '/home/login_id/.ssh/id_rsa':

(If I ran ssh-agent myself, I might go straight through; OK,
but this should be my choice.)

After a recent update, I'm now getting a window that pops up
that reads "Enter password to unlock private key. An
application wants access to the private key 'id_rsa', but it
is locked". I first have to kill this window before getting
back to the command line. How do I turn off this behavior? I
couldn't find anything in the Gnome menus that seems to
control this. I don't want Gnome deciding whether I should be
running an ssh agent or not.


Jesse Sheidlower

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