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Re: users manager

On Fri, May 09, 2008 at 03:30:32AM -0700, rihab84 wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Here is my problem.
> I installed my server debian for a distribution network windows and I find
> not a good explanation for the management of accounts utilistauers on the
> windows.
> how to create accounts to connect as for windows server (I believe that the
> active directory).
> Please help me.

I didn't know windows could have users.  

I thought a windows server was the person hired to stand infront of the
box and hit reset on a regular basis.  :)

Obviously I'm not understanding the question.  You should not assume
that we know any more about windows than you do about debian.  Some of
us do, some of us don't.

If the question is how to create debian users, its pretty standard unix.
use adduser or useradd according to your taste.  Install the
debian-reference and read that document.


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