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Re: Installing a new kernel

On 05/07/2008 03:48 AM, James Allsopp wrote:
Mumia W.. wrote:

Download the source from http://www.kernel.org/ . I have 2.6.24 from kernel.org, and I see the ralink option.

ah, I 've got it sorted now, installing linux-image rather than kernel-image got me to and the ralink drivers popped up no problems. Still bemused why they're not in the debian source you get with 2.6.24 though apt-get, is it a free /non-free thing?

What are the advantages of trying to compile a kernel the debian way, or just downloading the source, linking it to /usr/src/linux, make menuconfig, copying to /boot/ and editing grub. I notice debian image uses an initrd, any ideas why?

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The initrd makes the resulting kernel more flexible (but more
complicated). Doing kernels "the Debian way" lets the package management
system know that some new software has been installed, and it keeps
things more organized. "The Debian way" is also much, much easier.

Anyway, I'm glad you sorted it out.

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