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Re: question about the libpam-ldap debian package.

Alex Samad a écrit :
On Tue, May 06, 2008 at 01:08:19PM +0200, Anthony wrote:


If the interface is not configure, after a first auth on the ldap, the user authenticated If a interface is NOT configure (Only loopback) , it take a long, long time, and the user is not auth on the ccreds file.

WATH's the problem

are you talking to your ldap server on the public address (interface )? if so its

Sorry, i wanted to say:

I try to connect to the ldap server, all is fine, the user is authenticated and the credentials files are updated.
And know, itry this:

If the interface IS NOT configure (Only loopback)
, (after a first auth on the ldap) so the ldap server is unreachable, the user is authenticated on the credentials files. => this is what want..!! OK
BUT now
If a interface IS configure (eth0) and network become unreachable , it take a long, long time, and the user is not auth on the ccreds file because of the time out.

I would like that if the network become unreachable, the user will be authenticated.

what i have to do ?

Thank you for your help


Is there some configuration to add.
The package have been compiled with hard options....

Thank you very much for your help....


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