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Re: [OT] C++ programming: keeping count of data items read from file

Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso wrote:
On 06/05/2008, H.S. <hs.samix@gmail.com> wrote:
In a C++ program I am reading a data file for later processing and
computations. While reading that data file, I want to keep track of data
items (doubles) read.

Use std::list and other standard data structures.

I am using them where ever I can. In this case however, I am using the data with ARPACK libraries and need to put it in a FORTRAN style 2D array. Everywhere else though, I am using C++ STL.

It's C++. Don't use C arrays, ugh.

If you are comfortable with IRC, I find that ##c++ on Freenode is full
of bright people.

And what does this have to do with Debian?

er .. ahem .. yeah, sorry about that, should have had OT in the subject. But now that you mention this, let me explain a bit why I did not post it in C++ newsgroup. If you have visited that, it is full of people who want to discuss only the standard. I have had that experience, so gave it a shot here.

Will try the IRC. Thanks,
PS: I just put "OT" in the subject line.

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