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Re: C++ programming: keeping count of data items read from file

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 05/06/08 11:42, H.S. wrote:

In a C++ program I am reading a data file for later processing and
computations. While reading that data file, I want to keep track of data
items (doubles) read.

The data file is just a text file with N lines with C doubles in each
line (N and C are known a priori). For now, I just read from the file
stream in to a 2D array variable by reading each double at a time.

Now I am trying to introduce some sanity checking into this reading
block. Here is what I am trying to do:
1. Verify how many doubles I have read in each line. Must be C. If they
are not C, then the input file is corrupt.
2. Verify that the total number of data items are NxC. This is simple, I
just keep a track of how many numbers I have read.

So, how do I go about doing (1) above? I was thinking of somehow
checking if I have reached the end of line somehow (EOL?) but haven't
found a method to do so. All I have found is EOF.

This smells suspiciously like CompSci homework.

Nope, it isn't. The program implements an algorithm in my research. I have the program running, but now I am also generating the data file automatically. The above request is to catch any errors creeping in to the data file due to the new program I am writing to generate it.

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