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Re: Trying to install the Ralink wireless drivers

I can't get a kernel image more recent than 2.6.21, I've tried
apt-get -t unstable install kernel-image
but it says I've the most recent kernel.

I've just upgraded to lenny, but this hasn't helped.

Also, using apt-cache search I couldn't find any information about the
compiled modules.

Wondering if I wouldn't just be better off downloading an updated source
and trying to do it manually.


quim wrote:

Don't need need to compile drivers, but upgrade to kernel 2.6.22

Install the RT2x00 wireless network drivers -loadable kernel modules for
wireless network cards using Ralink RT2x00 chips.

something like rt2x00-modules-2.6.22-2-686

Install wireless tools

Install RutilT which is GTK config

Run RutilT

Does this help?


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