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Re: f/oss routing solution

On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 10:23:33AM -0700, Rogelio wrote:
> I'm looking for an open source router solution, and someone from the list
> recently recommended zebra (www.zebra.org). I haven't yet identified all my
> needs, but I'm guessing that it will do all my routing needs for a, say,
> class C set of IP addresses, particularly if I ever have to do anything
> BGP-related.
> Anyone have any pointers before I delve in?  Or possibly a recommendation
> for another open source routing solution?  Yeah, I know about Cisco stuff,
> but I'm hoping to limp along on a shoestring budget until I get a few more
> things in place, then I'll rethink everything.

Get a box with enough power for whatever you need to do (what speed
NICs, etc) and either put debian on it and run shorewall, or put OpenBSD
on it and run pf.  The OpenBSD option will take less disk space, be
faster to install (since everything you'll need is in OpenBSD base).


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