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Re: Help - /usr not mounting!

On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 06:16:36AM +0000, Peter Tynan wrote:
> I'm currently operating from a live CD as my /usr partition is
> refusing to mount at boot.
> fsck is not working - output below.
> # fsck -r /dev/hda5
> fsck 1.38 (30-Jun-2005)
> fsck.jfs version 1.1.10, 19-Oct-2005
> processing started: 4/23/2008 6.10.34
> The current device is:  /dev/hda5
> Block size in bytes:  4096
> Filesystem size in blocks:  1833410
> **Phase 0 - Replay Journal Log
> ujfs_rw_diskblocks: read 0 of 4096 bytes at offset 1428656128
> logredo failed (rc=-242).  fsck continuing.
> **Phase 1 - Check Blocks, Files/Directories, and  Directory Entries
> ujfs_rw_diskblocks: read 4096 of 16384 bytes at offset 1428652032
> Unrecoverable error reading M from /dev/hda5.  CANNOT CONTINUE.
> fsck.jfs /dev/hda5 failed (status 0x8). Run manually!
> the -a and -p options give the same output.

I don't have fsck.jfs installed so I can't check the man page.  I used
to run jfs and never had a problem, until I heard that IBM was dropping

What does the -y option give?

Do you have backups?

What does SMART data show on this drive?  

What does /var/log/syslog show?  Are there any errors?  IOW, is this a
hardware problem?

If you are running fsck from the liveCD, it may be incompatible with the
actual file system.  Try instead to boot the real system but add to the
kernel command line: init=/bin/sh

This will bring up your kernel with only the / fs mounted ro and nothing
else done, not even init runing.  You can then manually run fsck.jfs
directly (read its man page somewhere first since its on your /usr fs)
using the fsck which matches the fs.

Good luck.


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