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Re: removed root directory files

Abraham Chaffin wrote:
I didn't do "rm -r" just "rm /*"  I was root when I executed this command.
Ended up reinstalling the os, luckily there wasn't much on the machine and was really just a backup so nothing was lost.
Not sure what it deleted but it rendered the os useless.

Thanks for your help and I'll be using "rm *" from now on.

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 6:18 AM, George Borisov <gb.lists.07@gmail.com <mailto:gb.lists.07@gmail.com>> wrote:

    Sharninder wrote:

        A simple rm should not have removed user commands which are in
        other directories. There must be something else wrong. In any
        case if you really have lost the binaries there is not much
        that you can do at this point.

    One possible scenario is that something "clever" was done, like
    aliasing "rm" to "rm -r".

    But yes, if you managed to recursively delete your root directory
    tree then a restore from backup / rebuild is on the cards.


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If it makes you feel better, I once needed to make a swap file, so I mkswap / !!!!

It works! It will make your / into swap. Then as you close apps, you will not be able to open them back up, or call new ones. Root! Respect it.

Damon L. Chesser

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