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2 ISPs ( 2 gateways) and a Debian Box

J, thanks for the rep. It worked for now... i'm still monitoring the anacron you told me.

anyways, i was wondering if anyone can help me again with another problem i have right now. i dont know if somebody Did this.

i have 2 ISPs ( 2 routers which act as a gateway)  and a debian Box running Apache + PHP + Mysql. what i wanted to do is to make the debian box port forwarded to both the ISPs.

my ISP routers used are home routers. ( Linksys BEFSR21 & Prolink)

basically, i was able to port forward ISP 1 to Debian, changed the Gateway 1 (ISP1) to gateway 2 (ISP2)  and make them function one at a time. the Problem is, i can't make them simultaneously connect to

I've been googling about it and they spoke of MultiWAn routers which basically cost more.

would there be a way for me to serve my debian box application using the 2 public IPs simultaneously without adding equipments?

ISP1 (
    +-[modem/router (]-----+   +---[Debian Box (]
                                        |   |
                                                                                 [unmanaged Switch ]

    +-[modem / router (]---+
ISP2 (

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