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Re: debian utility question

Jude DaShiell wrote:
Does debian have a utility I can run to check and repair disk permissions? On a mac under applications and utilities and under disk repair utility there's a function for repair disk permissions which can check permissions against a known default set and repair if necessary. It could be the problems I'm having with dpkg may be because some permissions somewhere aren't set right.

If all you want to do is ensure that all the files have a specific set of permissions, you can either use 'chmod -R <perms>' on a directory or use 'find' to select the files and then use chmod on each of them.
Something like:

$ find <dir> <specs> -print0|xargs -0 chmod <perms>

You can also use 'find' to report existing permissions. Look into the -printf option of find, particularly the %M and %m directives.

Look into the man pages of find, chmod and xargs for details.

Raj Kiran Grandhi
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