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Re: compiling a 2.4 kernel

On 04/19/2008 05:58 AM, Steven Jones wrote:
I know this is old hat, but due to a bug in the 2.6 kernel and the megaraid driver I can boot a 2.6 kernel....2.4 works fine, but I have to add NIC modules for me Asus board, Realtek 8110 and a Marvel sk98lin. The std one (sk89lin) in debian 2.4.27-4 does not work and there isnt one I can find for the 8110.

Anyway, I think I have downloaded all the things I need to compile a debianised kernel the kernel packager way.

I have applied the modules/patch for the asus motherboard's on-board NIC, but what I cant find so far is how to get a 2.4.27 kernel source to 2.4.27-4....ie there would seem to be a need to apply some debianised kernel patches applied to the 2.4 deb source package I downloaded? or is it already patched?

You shouldn't need the Debian patches. A Debian system will run with a
vanilla kernel. However, I think you'll be better off getting an updated
2.4 kernel from http://www.kernel.org/ . As far as the revision number
in 2.4.27-4 is concerned, you will determine what number(s) go after the
dash. Read "man make-kpkg" to find out how to specify the version and
revision numbers.

If you're still attached to the idea of using a Debianized kernel, you can place a Debian Sarge repository in your sources.list and download the 2.4 kernel source from Sarge. Note, the binary kernels for Sarge will probably not work for Etch because the initrd creator has been changed.

I suggest you ignore Sarge and get 2.4.36 from kernel.org. BTW, after you've applied all these patches, you won't have a "Debianized" kernel. You'll have a Jonianized kernel ;-)

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