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Re: Question about how "aptitude search" is used

Daniel Burrows:
>   In the current CLI, "aptitude search blah" searches for packages
> whose name contains "blah".  In contrast, "apt-cache search blah"
> searches both package names and descriptions.

Which is the reason why I am almost exclusively using apt-cache for
searches (and probably the reason why I cannot remember aptitude's
search options, even though they are great).

> What I'd really like to do is a full-text search with approximate
> matches on the whole package index that returns packages which might
> be relevant to "blah", with an option to sort the results by various
> relevance metrics.

I like the full-text search idea, but I dislike the idea of approximate
matches (without it being a different command or a parameter). It makes
search results less predictable and hurts cases where your search terms
yield many results anyway.

On the other hand I have to plug this:
<http://well-adjusted.de/mspace.py/> :)

>   How many readers of this list are using "aptitude search" as a
> subcommand in a script?  Will you be impacted by this change?  Will
> anyone else be adversely impacted despite not using it in a script?

I don't write many scripts for my boxes but I don't use Debian in a
commercial environment where scripting comes in handy more often. So
besides my comments above, I would not be impacted.

Another aspect you should consider is speed. Aptitude is already quite
slow and memory intensive. In my opinion, you should refrain from making
it even more unsuitable for low-end devices than it already is. It's
Debian's preferred package manager, after all.

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