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Re: Help with upgrading

On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 03:21:18PM +0800, wwongdg@streamyx.com was heard to say:
> I have recently carried out a dist-upgrade on a long time running i386 debian machine. Somehow the new distro changed its device naming from hda1 to sda1 and now my ide attached harddisk fails to boot! Booting it will only take me as far as raminitd (or something to that effect which i can't remember exactly). I managed to edit the grub entry to become sda1 and it booted all the way to login prompt and I am stuck. There is no other partition which I've made like /usr, /home, /var, etc. So I have no way of editing my /etc/mount since there isn't such file nor is there an editor i can use.

  I assue you mean /etc/fstab, not /etc/mount?

  I believe nano is installed in /bin; maybe you can use that to edit
fstab?  If you can't log in (I'm unclear whether you can from the above),
you can try booting in single-user mode.

  The alternative is to just mount the partitions by hand; e.g.,

  mount /dev/sda2 /mountpoint

  You can mount them on a temporary directory (e.g., /mnt/tmp) and
examine the contents if you aren't sure which is which.


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