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Re: [Totally OT] Re: Hmmm. A question. Was [Re: Debian is losing its users]

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On 04/11/08 21:30, Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Friday 11 April 2008 07:17:19 pm Ron Johnson wrote:
>> On 04/11/08 21:01, Paul Johnson wrote:
>>> On Friday 11 April 2008 01:33:00 pm Damon L. Chesser wrote:
>>>> It does?  News to me.  Again, study your history, longest un-interrupted
>>>> economic growth in the history of the US.
>>> Reagan was still starring in movies or acting as the president of the
>>> labor union he was a member of during much of the boom of which you speak
>>> (1945-1975).  Looking at all the GDP data for the US I could find poking
>>> around BEA's website, GDP grew slower post 1981.  Total US exports
>>> levelled
>> Growth would have slowed no matter who was President, since it took
>> a generation for Europe and Asia to recover, and for the US to get
>> fat and complacent with our post-war economic dominance.
> That's very probably true.  I was just stunned by the ignorance of the claim 
> that the Reagan years were the best years this country ever had.  Sadly, this 
> isn't the first time I've heard this claim, as it appears to be the 
> justification of current Republican economic policy...

Stagflation, Misery Index, Rust Belt, death of trust in American
cars, death of Big Steel, "death" of NY City all happened in the
1970s.  As did Big Union jacking up wages to excessive levels, and
doing a shitty job of building "stuff".

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