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Re: browsers have become memory hogs

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On 04/10/08 16:14, andy wrote:
> Thierry Chatelet wrote:
>> On Thursday 10 April 2008 21:45:32 Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> On 04/10/08 14:35, tom arnall wrote:
>>>> all of a sudden browsers have become memory hogs on my system (>95%).
>>>> i've
>>> I don't see how a single process could use 95% of memory on a 32-bit
>>> system.
>>>> tried iceweasel, opera, galeon. all with the same result. i'm running
>>>> debian etch.
>>> Have you performed any updates lately?  Installed non-debianized
>>> software?
>>> How long does it take for the browsers to suck up all that
>>> un-specified amount of memory?
>>> How many tabs and windows do you have open?
>> I got the same problem-sid- and it is npviewer which is eating something up to 

What's npviewer?

>> 17% CPU per tab. I think I am going to the thing...
>> Thierry
> I have been running Iceweasel in the background for the last 3 days. I
> am running approx 3% swap (on 1 GB allocated) and according to top
> Firefox-bin uses ~10.6% mem. This is just running FF in the background
> (minimised)

Same here.  After 4 or 5 days, with a large mix of static and
dynamic pages, iceweasel is at 14.6% of 2GB.

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