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Re: Problems installing debian on Dell 530 with unrecognized NIC

On Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 08:01:37AM -0700, Dan Turk wrote:
> I need to get advice / help on how to best go about installing debian on a Dell 530 Intel Core 2 Quad-core machine for which the debian installer does not recognize the Intel 82562V-2 Network Interface Card.
>   A couple questions:
>   1. Should I be using i386 or amd64 for this machine, to take best
> advantage of the 4 cores and the 8 Gb of RAM I have in the machine?

probably amd64, though it's not completely "there" yet, unless you
specifically need something from i386, I don't see any reason *not* to
go to amd64. and it saves you from converting later...

>   2. How can I get the NIC to be recognized?  I've seen many postings on the net saying to download Intel's e1000 driver and install that.  However, at first my install had no compiler tools - based on doing a netinstall of 40r3 and proceeding with no NIC.  Some of the postings said to use the unstable 2.6.24... version, which had the drivers included, but I can't seem to find where to get that.  So, I burned the first stable 40r3 DVD and installed from that, but now I don't have development tools for the kernel / modules.  I'm currently burning the other DVDs, and am hoping then I'll have all the resources I need to install the driver, but it seems that there must be a much easier way to do this...!

the short answer is to stick a known good NIC in the box and get up
and running then you can proceed to work on the onboard nic working. 

from my brief searching it appears (as of Aug 07) that there are no
plans to put the code for that nic in the kernel tree, you have to
build the driver from e1000.sourceforge.net. If you have access to
another machine of the same archictecture, you can build the module
there, stick it on a disk and then switch to a VT during install and
insert the module from there. Might work.


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