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Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2008 #701

>I personally prefer "reply to list" myself for other reasons, but I
couldn't fault his logic.

Thanks, Chris, for your tip... While I am posting here, I am curious to know the routine of Gmail users receiving their mailing lists on their regular web browsers. (This is how I read my mail too). I usually hit "answer to all"... Maybe there's a better way ?

> A: If you want to have a secure (and stable) server you are strongly
encouraged to stay with stable. However, there is some limited security
support for testing:

Good read ! I must say I was not aware ! (that shows me my ignorance ;o) )... Anyway, apart from my main desktop and my PPC laptop, which are both running Testing, all other PC's are on Stable... But I really enjoy learning a bit more everyday, thanks Chris !

> What should you report?

In short: Everything which could have a noticable impact on the Debian
Project or its user base.

-Can we just send articles about our use of Debian, or views, opinion etc... ?

El Amigo, the tropical Debianista :o)

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