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Re: [Horrendously OT] Re: Hmmm. A question. Was [Re: Debian is losing its users]

s. keeling wrote:
Mark Allums <mark@allums.com>:
 Hal Vaughan wrote:
stay alive. Some, those generally at the lower levels of Piaget's Hierarchy of Needs, will say survival is important while those focused on the higher levels (focused on self actualization) where, since it's

Thankyou for the redirect.  Not that you've offered to defend it but,
Poppycock!  :-)  "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to
lose ..."

  "The first four layers of the pyramid are what Maslow called
   "deficiency needs" or "D-needs": the individual does not feel
   anything if they are met, but feels anxious if they are not met."

... does not feel anything if they are met ...

This man's never been poor.  When you're poor, even the meanest of
pleasures make you feel, momentarily, like a real honest to goodness
human being again (possibly even more willing to stay that way, as in
alive), and that's just what he needs most then.  In that point of
one's life, anxious is a constant.  Any respite, even an egg mcmuffin
or a smoke, can produce bliss.  I very much doubt he ever was there.
Good for him.

My guess is he's a typical Ivory Tower researcher with little more to
go on than his theory based on no first hand evidence.  Psycho-
anything is a primitive science (if that).  No, I'm not a

Can't argue with that.  The early psych people were mostly working with
their own head for the primary source.  Later ones tried to be more
scientific.  E.g., Freud is mostly discredited these days.  Still, they
all had their own insights to contribute.

The real progress was made when people started modeling the actual brain.

IMO, (to get back to computers, at least, if not Debian) the real
progress in AI will be made when we can really start modeling the brain.

Mark Allums

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