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busybox mount broken in sid/amd64

I'm resending this because I think it got lost with liszt.debian.org
being down. I apologize if it ends up being a dupe...


Has anyone else seen erratic behavior from busybox sid amd64? 

I have a couple of custom scripts in my initrd that handle encrypted
swap and so forth. As part of this they call

$mount -t ext2 /dev/mapper/crypt-root /temp-root

to pull a key from the already unlocked crypt-root partition. The
problem is that suddenly the mount command doesn't work anymore. I've
forced a busybox shell to play around with it and can't find a
combination that works. interestingly 

$ mount -t vfat /dev/mmcb0p1 /tmp-sd-card

works just fine and is part of my current work-around.

Other symptoms I learned while hanging out in busybox:

$ mount

fails and just displays its usage message

$ busybox mount

functions as expected

$ mount /dev/mapp... 

fails with usage message

$ busybox mount /dev/mapper/crypt-root /temp-root

fails with something like

(paraphrasing, but the concept is right)

mount: dm-0: failed. unimplemented feature (4)

Any insight would be appreciated before I file a bug.


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