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Dovecot and Resolvconf issues

Dear list,

It seems the new update of the stable flavour messed up things a bit, as
a result our mailserver after update has certain issues.
We lost our mailserver after hard drive malfunction, however managed to
save configs. But these configs with new debian wouldn't work.
Mailserver before the failure was a sarge system updated to etch via
aptitude dist-upgrade. Mailserver with new hardware is brand new
revision of etch.

1. Dovecot package
New dovecot wouldn't start with old config file, because parameter names
are different. When we edit the new config file in analogy with the old
version, dovecot (imap/pop3) would not permit login of mail clients
(Evolution, etc):
Error sending username: -ERR Plaintext authentication disabled.
Yes, it is disabled in the configuration, but in old configuration is
disabled and login works.
Nothing we did improved the situation, so we had to downgrade dovecot to
sarge version.
But our system is etch and new updates may overlap current version of
software and we may lose our server again.

2. Resolvconf
So far, we manipulated our network settings for the server
through /etc/resolv.conf - where we supply a list of DNS servers to be
The new system has that file, manipulated by the program resolvconf, and
any changes we put there are being wiped out periodically. man
resolvconf has no solution and we are stuck, because we rely on another
host for DNS.

You may have noticed that I seldom post here and never complained, but
these changes are too dramatic and not documented (after reading all
info at dovecot website and wiki, we are certain that our config is

Please, if you have solution to these issues, share them with us because
otherwise our mailserver is working perfectly well and we would like to
keep it.

Best regards

Chavdar Videff

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