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Re: most lightweight debian server

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008 01:17:59 +0800
paragasu <paragasu@gmail.com> wrote:

> i have a small vps with only 64MB memory. i am trying to run a costume
> made PHP
> scripts in there but i have trouble. when i install mysql server 5.0
> and apache2 server.
> it is so slow. in fact too slow. thus two server already use about
> 170MB of the server ram.
> more than twice the RAM allocated for me.
> so, i want to know, any combination that use the most efficient server
> resource. currently,
> i am thinking of using lighttpd server + php5 + sqlite3 ..
> but, my application currently use mysql5+apache2+php5. it will be a
> lot of work to do
> before i can get it online. in fact i use about 6 month to code it.
> well, assume i don't have enough money to buy a better server. it is
> possible to make a
> very fast server with compiling the source code etc..
> thank you
> i use debian etch.
If you're not using innoDB, Disable it from the my.cnf
Also reduce memory allocation in both MySQL and Apache2/PHP to suit
your application.
Also disable.remove applications from that server that you do not need
to free up resources.

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