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Re: Problems after upgrading to Lenny

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 10:17:28AM +0000, Michael wrote: > Hi list, >
> i upgraded to Debian Lenny two months ago. Now i'm having some
>problems with my Computer. One of the most annoying is that the
>computer freezes from time to time without any hints. It just stops
>and i have to reboot. Another problem appears when the kernel boots:
>the computer just looses power and goes off.  This happens when the
>udevd starts. At this point i have to switch the computer on again and
>after 2-3 times the kernel boots cleanly. Now my question: are there
>any known bugs in the 2.6.22 kernel that could cause that kind of
>problems? I have already tried to reinstall Debian with a custom
>kernel but nothing changed. I don't use any special programs except
>fs-encryption and the nvidia kernel module.

I wouldn't rule out hardware troubles despite other systems
functioning properly. Unless you've done extensive comparison testing,
it could just be bad luck causing it to show up under debian...

But to start on the software side:

    1) do you have older kernels lying aroudn in /boot that you could
    use to see if it's a kernel issue?

    2) try removing the nvidia module for a while and use either nv or
    vesa just to rule that out.

    3) give us more info: at what point during the boot does it fail?
    can ssh into the box when it "freezes" or are you completely
    locked out? caps-lock, num-lock working? 
    4) read up on alt-sysrq key sequences (google works here) so that
    if you have to reboot you can do so cleanly by synching the disks


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