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Re: curious -anyone else seeing this?

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 03:18:57PM +0100, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Mumia W.. wrote on 2008-03-26 12:55:
> > I'm just a user. I meant that I configured my mailreader to ignore such
> > messages. But yes, someone (not I) should inform sculpture.cz of the
> > problem. It's probably futile though; if 'postmaster@...' bounces, the
> > network isn't competently run.
> I agree with the last sentence. However, no one can expect that the
> state, that their mail server is misconfigured would ever improve, as
> long as no one complains. The server appears to be located within the
> European Union, ie. somewhere were such a "misuse" of e-mails is illegal.

Perhaps then someone in the EU who knows who the email-misuse police are
could inform them?


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