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Re: Debian is losing its users

On Tuesday 25 March 2008 11:43:37 pm Wei Chen wrote:

> The search volume for Debian has been continuously decreasing in the
> recent years, as shown in the search trend statistics of one of the most
> famous search engines. This indicates that Debian is losing its users,
> e.g. about 50% in the last 3 years.

But who is growing at Debian's "expense?"  Other Debian-based distros.

> The Debian team should not focus only on the development and maintenance
> of a good and stable operating system, but also on the promotion of its
> products.

Many Ubuntu developers are also active Debian developers.

> Being free of charge is not an excuse of not actively participating in
> promotional activities. Higher visibility can be beneficial for a
> community, since it can bring more new developers. It can be a vicious
> circle: if the current situation and trends do not change, the whole
> project will eventually not be able to continue because of the lack of
> developers and users.

That all fails to take into account that Debian is consered the generic linux 
platform by developers in general...


Hope this helps?  How does ripping Debian a new asshole while ignoring the 
reality of the situation "help" anyway?

Paul Johnson

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