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migrating to 64 bit...

Hey list,

I am getting to upgrade (woo-hoo!) from my crusty old -k7 box to a
shiny new core2duo blah blah blah box. 

That means I get to move up to 64 bit. In keeping with my personal
preference to *never* reinstall, I've got an opportunity to attempt to
migrate a running system from 32 to 64 bit. I also have the
opportunity to practice on my laptop which could run 64 bit but
currently isn't. The laptop is really just a duplicate of my desktop
machine in terms of data and apps, so it should be a fairly good test

I've done some preliminary research and found the following links:


claims it can be done if you follow the right steps, and it seems
reasonable to me... though the blink tag does put the fear in me. But
there is no date, and based on the versions of .deb listed appears to
be rather out of date...

then there is this:


which specifically says: 

 No. You need to reinstall on a newly formatted partition or disk, by
 either running cdebootstrap / debootstrap from your running
 installation or using the Debian-Installer.

when asked about upgrading a running system. But that was last updated
in 2006...

Most all else I've found addresses *running* 64 bits not migrating to

So, I'm looking for pointers, horror/success stories etc... to guide
me through this process.

One particular concern, as far as the laptop goes, is whether I can
migrate an encrypted luks partition from 32 to 64 bits. That whole
system is encrypted except for /boot and the encrypted partitions are
underneath lvm as well... hmmm... that could be sticky eh? 

I look forward to your advice.



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