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Re: Sound problem in L35 Toshiba Satellite

On 3/24/08, Rodrigo Santos <ierms@criba.edu.ar> wrote:

> lspci detects an audio card but I am not sure it is the right one and it
> is not under multimedia but under Audio.

I looked up the Toshiba Satellite L35, and apparently it has two sound
cards.  Very weird.

> I have compile from the sources alsa-driver, libs and utils and is not
> It has a pci sound card integrated in the motherboard. I think it is a
> realtek 861.

But have you compiled your own kernel?

I have found some instructions that might help, in the mean time I
plan to research it more.

Can you paste the output of lsmod into your next message to this list, please?

In the mean time, try running:
| modprobe snd-hda-intel model=auto
And then testing your sound.


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