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Re: continuity of a topic in debian-user

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On 03/24/08 21:32, s. keeling wrote:
> peasthope@shaw.ca <peasthope@shaw.ca>:
>>  Vikki, s. keeling, Ron,
>>  Thanks for the comments.
>>  The MUA is in Oberon and I don't want to 
>>  abandon it.
> fwiw, I (as Ron alluded) also use a less than conformant toolset.  I
> read the mailinglist in a mail to news gateway, in an NNTP
> newsreader (the eeeeeeeeeevvvviillll! slrn; you're such a twit at
> times, Ron).  Apparently, it isn't doing things to Ron's satisfaction,
> but I'm still working on it.  Perhaps Oberon can be tweaked
> similarly?

Actually, much as I hate to admit it, slrn keeps Message-ids perfectly.

>>  I read the messages from the Web based archive 
>>  so there is no question of replying directly 
>>  to an emessage.  When there is time, I can look 
>>  for a way to incorporate the message id into 
>>  my reply.
> I second the gmane suggestion made by others.
> btw, the Message-Id: header may be utterly wrong (testing), caveat
> emptor.
> Ron, you for Obama or Billary?

Gus Hall forever!!!!

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