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Re: Display Resolution-Frequency (Debian vs Windows)

You're doing great.

Are you sure you restarted X after modifying /etc/X11/xorg.conf?
No I don't restart the X. Even I didn't know that could be done after changing xorg.conf without restarting the PC. (X server must be restarted entirely after reboot)
What I did is, just restarted the mechine using gdm menu & it takes me to the command line after reboot. ( Because I change the defeult runlevel to 3 in inittab & rename /etc/rc3.d/S21gdm to /etc/rc3.d/s21gdm) Then I logged as root and execute "gdm" in command prompt. Then I logged to the mechine using my user account (since it don't give me to log as a root)
After reading this mail I tried to start the X using "startx" (instead of "gdm") & it directly loged me as a root. But same effect, it only shows me 60/87 Hz for 1024 x 768 and previous problems are there.

/etc/init.d/gdm restart will do it I think.

I thought that this was worth checking because your attachments show
that you have two
xorg.conf files, and you might not know that you have to restart X
entirely, not just log out
and in again.  (I think--I'll have to double-check.)  Your first
xorg.conf has low settings that
would give you the poor quality you are talking about, so I wanted to
make sure you were
using the second xorg.conf.
Yes now I am using the second xorg.conf. i.e the one under the hedding ******xorg.conf******current one****** in my previous mail.
It has created by "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"

In any case, you're on the right track.
Thanks again.
Otherwise I don't no what to do.
Sanjaya Vitharana

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