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Re: RAID suggestions?

"Michael S. Peek" <peek@tiem.utk.edu> writes:
> ...That is, unless someone knows a good and cheap way to have big-time
> data density outside the machine.  The other option I'm looking at is
> a NAS, but it seems to me that the cheaper solution is to build a
> storage server myself instead.

Price it out carefully;  but remember, the more expensive netapp/emc
will be a lot more reliable, however, if it works for your application,
just building 2 yourself (and keeping one spare) is quite often a lot 
cheaper.  Do a nightly rsync, and you are ready for most disasters
with a half-day rollback worst-case.   Of course, if restoring from  
your last backup is millions of dollars of lost profits, you might 
want to go with the emc/netapp-  but if restoring from your last backup 
is more like a couple thousand (or even a couple tens of thousands 
of dollars)  building one yourself with one in  reserve and a good 
(tested!) backup setup may be the best solution.  

The other thing to consider is just engineering your application so that it 
stores the data on local disks;  In terms of hardware (rather than engineering
time) the cheapest (and probably highest performance) solution would be
to just put one or two local disks  internal to each computer, and have
your application distribute the data in a redundant fashon... of course,
depending on your application, this can be a lot of work-   but if you
have more Engineering power  than dollars, you can get a good deal this way.

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