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Re: X doesn't start after installing debian

Ron Johnson:
> On 03/13/08 01:23, Jan Brosius wrote:
>> I there nothing I can do to install debian on my laptop.
> Sure.  People do it all the time.

People install Debian on his laptop all the time? :)

> Since you can't get in via a normal boot, I suggest that you use a
> LiveCD and disable [xgk]dm.

Single user mode is an easier option, IMHO. At least if you know a
little bit about the shell.

> [...] (Note that this is one of the reasons why I don't like
> display managers: just like with Eeeevil MSFT Windows, any X hiccup
> can prevent you from logging in and fixing your problem.)

Huh? I've never seen that. And my X broke several times (Nvidia,

At least with gdm, if X doesn't come up after three attempts, it offers
you to view the X log file and then drops you into console login.

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