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Re: What's wrong with Open Office?

On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 5:30 AM, Ivan Glushkov <glushkov@mail.desy.de> wrote:
>  today after upgrade i realize that I cannot install open office on my
>  debian anymore. Any idea how to overcome that?

The version of OpenOffice.org in sid is uninstallable on most
platforms.  openoffice.org-common was bumped to 2.4.0~rc3-1 when the
amd64 (I think) version of OOo was updated, but for most
architectures, including i386, all the other packages are at
2.4.0~rc2-1.  This should hopefully be resolved soon.

You could try filing a bug report.  I've never filed a bug against
OOo, so I don't know how the maintainers handle
broken-in-sid-due-to-ongoing-upgrade issues.  Some maintainers take an
"It's sid, we're upgrading something, go away" attitude.

Michael A. Marsh

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