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Which stock linux-image kernel for 32 bit debian on amd athlon64 processor?


Question 1:

On one machine I am running a  32 bit debian install on a amd64 bit machine.
I run 64 bit on another machine, and this one is an older install.
I am running sid.

Which of these kernels is appropriate?

I assume that the kernel by apt-cache show

linux-image-2.6-24-1-amd64 listed is the 64 bit kernel, which 
will be inappropriate for my old 32 bit installation.

I know that linux-image-2.6-24-1-486 should work, as will 
linux-image-2.6-24-1-k7 because I ran it for some time (:)). Was I wrong 
to use it? I am not sure if I even should have  used the k-7 in the
past after all:

after all the amd 64 cpu is a k-8 not a k-7:).

The amd64 I am using is an single core older one:
cat /proc/cpuinfo says

cpu family 15
model 12
athlon 3000+ 
However, I guess either 486 or k7 works by trial and error. What about the 686 one?

Question 2:

Is the only way to do a conversion to full amd64 distro to do a fresh install?



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