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Re: xorg and aspect ratio's

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Alex Samad wrote:
| Hi
| I am having a problem with my X server. i am using amd64 with nvidia
| driver.
| I have it connected to a plasma screen its an old one with a menu option
| for 4:3 or 16:9
| I would like to keep it in 16:9 mode for watching video's, but when i do
| this. my aspect ration seems to go askew.  I have tested this by using
| xli to display a jpg on the screen and on my laptop (windows) and on
| another debian amd64 machine.
| my Xorg.conf seems to be set up okay, I let nvidia work out the right
| dimensions of the monitor and freq and dpi. it is current set to 35 x
| 50. I have measured the screen size and it is the same as the one
| reported. so it has all the right dimensions.
| any one have any idea how to config X to handle the screen when i put it
| in 16:9 mode

I had similar problems on AMD64 with the "nv" driver on Debian Testing.
After downloading the latest a few months ago, My year old ViewSonic
wide screen would only be partially occupied, and images were compressed
horizontally. The only solution I came up with, was to get rid of the
VGA cable that came with it, and put a DVI cable on. Now works as it
used to, but my wallet is a bit thinner.

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