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Re: Newsreader question

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On 03/01/08 14:27, Jochen Schulz wrote:
> Ron Johnson:
>> On 03/01/08 12:46, Jochen Schulz wrote:
>>> Ron Johnson:
>>>> Well, X is network transparent, so why not just run the app on
>>>> node_a, and display it on current_node?
>>> *Offline* reading.
>> Irrelevant to the point at hand.
> No. Offline like "using my laptop while commuting and the machine
> running slrn is back at home". And when I'm back at work, I'd like to
> ssh home and use the newsreader there.
>>>                    And I didn't talk about X applications either. :)
>> What other kinds of interactive applications are there in Debian (or
>> RH, OSX, FreeBSD, etc etc), besides console and X apps?  Both of
>> which are *designed* for remote access.  Even Eeeevil Windows has
>> free X servers
> I just wanted to say I am not interested in an X app, I prefer a console
> newsreader.

Like I said, "Both of which are *designed* for remote access."  So,
ssh into your primary box and use slrn from there.

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