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Re: Newsreader question

Ron Johnson:
> On 03/01/08 12:46, Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> Ron Johnson:
>>> Well, X is network transparent, so why not just run the app on
>>> node_a, and display it on current_node?
>> *Offline* reading.
> Irrelevant to the point at hand.

No. Offline like "using my laptop while commuting and the machine
running slrn is back at home". And when I'm back at work, I'd like to
ssh home and use the newsreader there.

>>                    And I didn't talk about X applications either. :)
> What other kinds of interactive applications are there in Debian (or
> RH, OSX, FreeBSD, etc etc), besides console and X apps?  Both of
> which are *designed* for remote access.  Even Eeeevil Windows has
> free X servers

I just wanted to say I am not interested in an X app, I prefer a console

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