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Re: failing usb drive

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On 03/01/08 13:00, Andrew Henry wrote:
> I have a WD Mybook 320GB usb/firewire drive which is about 1 yr old. 
> Warranty is 2 years I think.  It is fully encrypted with dmcrypt &
> Luks.  I power it up once a day and it stays on for about 12 hours (as a
> home server) and the manual recommends *not* turning it on more than
> once a day.
> Now it "failed" as in I ssh's to my home server and did ls -l on one of
> the folders and several files came up red with question marks for the
> owner group and file size.
> I turned the server off and rebooted, and Luks failed to open the drive
> and offered to drop me into a recovery terminal mode to fix the problem.
> I didn't know what to do so I rebooted again and it mounted the drive as
> expected.  It has been "ok" for 2 days now.
> I have run smartctl -Hc /dev/sda and done an fsck -f /dev/sda and they
> report no issues.  How else can I tell if my drive is failing??

If this is important data, don't risk it!  Go buy another external
drive (and save some coin by getting a generic enclosure and OEM
disk from Newegg).

Then after moving the data to the new drive, decide what you want to do.

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