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Re: Debian FTP server setup questions

Grrr Gmail - For the list...
On 01/03/2008, Tzafrir Cohen <tzafrir@cohens.org.il> wrote:

> Is there any special reason you use wu-ftpd, BTW?
>  A quick apt-cache search brings out 11 ftpd-s or so. But amon them I
>  think that proftpd and vsftpd are the most commonly deployed and hence
>  well-documented. wu-ftpd suffers from bad reputation of past security
>  holes. I don't know how are things now.
>  I generally found proftpd more intuitive than vsftpd to configure.

IMHO vsftpd works more smoothly with more clients, I have had troubles
with proftpd especially uploads where the client would do a directory
list and after the connection times out, the listing would show up in
the client. Made directory traversal very slow! Never was able to find
a reason for it, no amount of conf tuning was able to rectify it.
installed vsftpd and the problem went away. I have never looked back.


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