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Re: Digikam - Camera not recognized correctly

On 2/28/08, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:

> May be irrelevant, but I just got an FE-340, and gphoto2 (which
> digikam uses to take to the camera) sees it perfectly in MTP (is
> that the same as PTP?) mode. In "storage" mode, gphoto2 thinks it's
> a C-310Z, and can't see that there are pictures.

mtp is a "microsoft" transport protocol, and is somewhat similar but I
don't believe it to be the same thing as ptp. Oddly enough, a while
back I ran against the same problem with an "el cheapo" keychain type
digital camera (have since gotten a "real" camera, so at this point
it's just curiosity) that would only work with latest & greatest
gphoto2, with some help from the gphoto2 mailing list.

But I bring it up because the experience clued me in sufficiently to
handle the problem of how I connect to my Iriver T3 mp3 player, which
uses the mtp protocol, 'libmtp' in debian. (Of course, now, the player
is set up to nicely sync with amarok).

Another point - if the camera isn't supported directly with digikam,
it may be easier to get a cheap USB multicard reader (set me back $5
at Fry's) and then transfer images via it rather than the camera
itself. I do this for the basic reason that I can do anything with the
card (i.e., use the shell) because it is a mounted device directory.
Of course, this has the potential drawback (hey, it happened to me)
that somehow the write protect tab *broke off* and I had to arrange
for a replacement with Sandisk. But hey, initial problems and
confusion over which proprietary USB cable to use early on
necessitated a repurchase of a USB cable from Kodak. (dang proprietary
USB cables!). So there doesn't seem to be a win either way.

> Ron Johnson, Jr.
> Jefferson LA USA

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