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Re: Installing Debian from USB pen drive

On 29/02/2008, Santanu Chatterjee <thisissantanu@gmail.com> wrote:


>  Now, you said "pointing the installer to the local repository". How exactly
>  is this done? When the cdrom detection failed, at a console, I found
>  a directory named '/cdrom' already created (empty). I linked this directory
>  so that it pointed to the iso contents in my pendrive. Then I attempted
>  to rerun the earlier step by selecting the option 'install from installer cdrom'
>  (the wordings might be a bit off but this is the option just next to the
>  'detect installer cdrom' option). But I am still getting the same error.
>  Is there any particular way to 'point the installer' to the installer cdrom
>  contents?

Somewhere there is an option to use packages in a local directory, It
has been ages since I used the installer so I will have to go and have
a look. It's way back in the beginning installing the base, you get to
choose network (www|ftp), use whats on the cd or use a local


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