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Re: Printer driver

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 12:28:08 -0500, Loeghmon T. Nejad wrote:
> I am trying to setup a Dell 1710n printer on Lenny, but I do not know which
> model/driver it is compatible with. All I know it is made by Lexmark. I have
> tried a range of HP and Lexmark models, at no avail. Has anyone used a Dell
> printer like this with Debian? Thank you all.

The closest matches I can find in the printer database on
openprinting.org are:


Based on the information given in these pages, I would try the following

HP Laserjet 5 Foomatic/hpijs
HP Laserjet 5 Foomatic/lj5gray
HP Laserjet 5 Foomatic/pxlmono

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