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Re: Sending a bug report with reportbug fails

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 09:01:19AM +0200, Joona Kiiski wrote:
> I configured reportbug with defaults (I don't use local mailserver for
> delivery and reportbug uses bugs.debian.org as SMTP host). However
> when I try to file a bug report, sending fails with message: SMTP send
> failure: (113, 'No route to host'). My firewall should permit all
> outgoing traffic so that shouldn't be a problem. Same problem occured
> today and two days ago.
> Any ideas what's going on? Is something down? Should I file a bug
> report? Againt what?
> P.S. I'm using just installed system (Installed etch which I had to
> upgrade to lenny because of missing screen control driver).

Please show your .reportbugrc and the output of

host bugs.debian.org

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