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Re: debian vs centos as server

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 06:38:18AM +0530, Raj Kiran Grandhi wrote:
> hhding wrote:
> >why debian?
> >why centos?
> >
> >It seems same to me, and current we run debian as server.
> >But managers want run centos instead.
> >
> If you are using some proprietary software that is supported on RHEL (or 
> Centos) and not on Debian, and you depend on that support.
> Can't think of any other reasons. We run a couple of proprietary 
> applications at work that are only supported on RHEL. I have had no 
> problem running them on Debian Etch. YMMV.

Right. But then again, that software is probably not certified to work
on CentOS. It's certified to run on RHEL. CentOS is not RHEL, even
though it is based on its code and it is pretty close.

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