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Re: diff files matching a pattern

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 01:12:09PM -0500, Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:

> Richard Lyons wrote:
> >> Damn the shell! Did not even think about this. Thanks Rajki.
> > 
> > You should have read _my_ solution on sunday.  There was a note about
> > this in the comments at the top.  </smug>
> > 
> You are right, I should've. Thanks for the script, Richard. I basically
> looked at Raj Kiran's script, then I saw the usage of ## operator. I

Yes, they are useful those ## and %% operators.  My trouble is I can
never remember which is which, so always have to man bash, /##,...

Hope you get it sorted.


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