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Re: boot from cd and start ssh remotely?

On Feb 24, 11:50 am, "Douglas A. Tutty" <dtu...@porchlight.ca> wrote:

> I don't know of any LiveCD that has sshd set up and listening by default
> (where you could just boot and go).  However, setting up a serial
> console is a simple kernel command line.  Presumably you have access to
> a computer with a display or sending this email would have been
> difficult.  Use your working box as a serial console for your behedded
> one.  Look up the remote-serial-console-HOWTO (either in the doc-linux
> package or online at tldp.org.

I think I've got bigger problems. The video card works in another
machine. So I'm guessing it's the motherboard or the chip, both old
(Asus a7v8x and Athlon 2700).

I'll be back when it comes time to salvage the hard drive (which was
new) but that has etch installed on it configured for the broken mobo
and chip.

Adventures. Luckily I rsync home every night at 2am to another box.

Thanks for trying.


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