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how to get pulseaudio working?


am trying to get the replication of audio working, no success so far...

i read through the docu at the pulseaudio pages, which i can't really
apply since i am running gnome, and as it seems gnome allready starts up
a pulseaudio daemon....

on the laptop i use for the tests, all seems fine, i also installed on
all machines the pulseaudio device chooser.

on the laptop i can start up the volume control, the manager and all
pulse related tools, but when i run audacious the sounds comes out very
awfully means 10ms of music, then 1s pause repeated ......
but this is maybe beacause of the laptop which isn't very powerful....

so i tryed to make the laptop a slave of the server....

but on the server i get an access denied when i try to start up most of
the pulseaudio  utils, no access to the volume-manager , the manager
shows only a completely empty record the configurator has all fields
highlighted so server and cleint should be activated, and no auth

when i select the pulseaudio output on audacious, the sound vanishes

besides, on the server i see on the pulseaudio device chooser the
laptop, as i do on the laptop itself, but on none i see the server....

so i am quite at a loss on what to do, no error messages are displayed,
   neither in messages, nor in any pulse-log i could find... no errors
   in the .X* logs.... have no idea on how to diagnostice this thing and
   get it running...

ciao bboett

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