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Re: Password problems

> I changed my password using passwd...and now some apps want the old
> password...others want the new one!
> For example when I do sudo aptitude update in a terminal sudo will
> only accept the new password...however if I run Synaptic...it will
> accept only the old password. What's going on here and how can it
> be fixed ?

Is it the case that only GUI apps are using the old password, but everything 
else works with the new one? I am not familiar with Synaptic -- is it 
synaptic that is requesting a password, or are you running it via sudo (eg 
gksudo or something)? If you are running it with gksudo, does sudo synaptic 
(at the command line) work with the new password?

Has your machine been rooted? There was that kernel vulnerability just last 

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