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Re: lh_build problem

On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 08:38:08PM +0000, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 02:15:13PM -0500, Thomas H. George wrote:
> > lh_build ends with a message "mount: devpts-live is already mounted or 
> > chroot/dev/pts is busy" and "mount: according to mtab devpts-live is 
> > mounted on /debianlive/chroot/dev/pts" and no binary.img file is 
> > created.  I have checked the Jan 08 and Dec 07 archives without finding 
> > any reference to this problem.  Perhaps it was resolved much earlier?  I 
> > would appreciate any guidance.
> live-helper will run the unmount helper script even in case of a problem
> that stopped a normal run, IIRC.

Then how do I find out what the problem is?  The build seemed to run
perfectly for about 15 minutes, downloaded and installed three batches of
applications.  Just when I expect it to finish successfuly it quit with
the above noted messages.  The final lines before these messages were

P: Deconfiguring file /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d
P: Deconfiguring file /sbin/start-stop-daemon
P: Deconfiguring file /etc/debian_chroot
P: Begin unmounting /sys...
P: Begin unmounting /proc...
P: Begin unmounting /dev/pts...
P: Begin caching chroot stage...
P: Begin copying chroot...
P: This may take a while.
P: Begin mounting /dev/pts...

so it unmounted /dev/pts, then tried to mount /dev/pts, then complained
that /dev/pts was already mounted.

Any suggestions as to what is wrong?

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