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Freeze in iceweasel


debian lenny: kernel 6.23 686, intel 3945 iwl, ati x1400 fglrx.
iceweasel: lenny, addon bookmark sync&sort, dictionaries,
mozilla-kaffeine, flash.

I experience some freezes with iceweasel. They last from a few sec up to
30 or maybe more. Then iceweasel works OK.
While icew is freeze I can still use any other apps. Freezes starts when
go from one tab to another or when I open a new tab or when I load
It does not arrived each time I do one of this actions though.

A part from icew all my other apps do fine.

I already updated iceweasel, last version change in lenny.
Kernel 6.22 to 6.23
intel ipw3945 to iwl
mozilla-mplayer to mozilla-kaffeine

and the problem is still there.

I use konqueror for now, but I'm getting tired of it, and I spot where
this come from.
If you have any hints or log in which I should look, I'll be happy to
provide more information.


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